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  • What do I do?

    • I am a Graphics Designer with over 4 years experience in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. I can create professional logos and posters for businesses and events.
    • I am a freelance Web Developer/Designer with knowledge in HTML, CSS and Javacript. I design websites primarily in Figma but I can also use Adobe XD
    • I am a photographer, videographer and editor. I shoot on a Sony A7III and I have experience in Adobe Lightroom, Premier Pro and After Effects.
    • I am a designer and I own a luxury clothing brand called The Royal Tobianco. A brand that is the future of luxury personified.

    Photography & Videography

    Web Development & Web Design

    Graphics Design

    Fashion Brand

    Photography, Videography & Editing

    I am a photographer and videographer and I shoot primarily on a Sony A7 III but I am famililiar with all cameras. In the past I have directed and shot photoshoot campaigns for brands, I have photographed at VIP Events, Artist live shows/behind the scenes and I have recorded and edited full shows.

    I am also a video editor for over 5 years with software such as Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas Pro.

    Services I offer

    Photoshoots & Editorials

    Professional Photoshoots, Editorials and Headshots. Creative direction for photoshoots. Shoots at events & gatherings

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    Photo Editing

    Photo editing, photo correction/colourgrade and damaged photo restoration

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    Professionally shot videos for events & gatherings, campaigns and businesses

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    Video Editing

    Professional edited videos for businesses, personal or short form content.

    Video colourgrade and enhancing

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    Softwares used

    Website Development

    Custom built websites for your business, service or personal use. Websites will primarily be built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Commercial Websites will be custom built on top of website builders such as Shopify or Squarespace because these platforms allow for stock and content management.

    Custom built websites also have the option for inbuilt google forms and connection to gmail.

    Services I offer

    Designing Website

    Defining your brand elements and colour palette which will be implemented into the page design before mapping out your website and wireframe using Figma/Adobe XD

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    Business/Portfolio Website

    A basic pamphlet or brochure website. These sites have few pages and limited functionality, but are useful to share information with people.

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    Enterprise Website

    A larger website that will be used to actively sell goods and services. It will incorporate advanced content management systems with integrated with enterprise-level software systems such as Squarespace or Shopify.

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    Website Audit/Revamp

    A full audit to receive a detailed report and recommendations on where to improve your website design and user experience

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    Technologies used

    Graphics Design

    T-Edits Official is a graphics design business I started 4 years ago but I've been designing for 5+ years. I am advanced in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop and Figma.

    Being a freelance designer I can create logos and posters in any style or niche.

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    What do I do?

    Logos & Branding

    Professional logos and branding for your business, service or portfolio

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    Poster & Banners

    Professional posters or banners for your business, social media or events.

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    Logo and brand rebranding. Consulting service with full report and redesign

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    Softwares used

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