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    • I am a freelance Web Developer/Designer with knowledge in HTML, CSS and Javacript.
    • I have industry experience using Figma which is what I primarily design websites with but I can also use Adobe XD
    • I can build websites using website builders such as Squarespace and Shopify aswell as customising them.
    • I can set up your website which includes connecting the domain, hosting the site and adding meta data for search engine optimisation.


    UDO Digital is a Social Media and Search Marketing Agency. It was founded by ex Meta and Yahoo account manager Harrison. I created the logo and branding for this website usign Adobe Ilustrator. Then I designed a wireframe and mockup of the website using figma and finally I built the website using HTML, CSS and Javascript aswell as hosting the website.

    Click UDO Digital Website to view the website


    National Voter Registration Day is an organisation focused on increasing democratic participation in Irish society. I designed a mockup of the website using figma then I built the website using HTML and CSS with minimal scripting for the hero carrousel section. The page structuring and google analytics was implemented by my friend Josh Chukwuezi

    Click National Voter Registration Day to view the website

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