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    My name is Tobias Mbanusi I am a freelance creative from Dublin Ireland. Welcome to my media portfolio. I shoot digital photography with a Sony A7III and I am videographer and editor with over 6 years editing experience in softwares such as Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects and Sony Vegas.

    In the past I have directed and shot photoshoot campaigns for brands, I have photographed at VIP Events, Artist live shows/behind the scenes and I have recorded and edited full shows.

    What do I do?

    • I am a Graphics Designer with over 4 years experience in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. I can create professional logos and posters for businesses and events.
    • I am a freelance Web Developer/Designer with knowledge in HTML, CSS and Javacript. I design websites primarily in Figma but I can also use Adobe XD
    • I am a photographer, videographer and editor. I shoot on a Sony A7III and I have experience in Adobe Lightroom, Premier Pro and After Effects.
    • I am a designer and I own a luxury clothing brand called The Royal Tobianco. A brand that is the future of luxury personified.

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